Ancon Hill- Panama City’s landmark

January 02, 2010 Category: Travel guide

When you look from your (back) room window in the Balboa Inn, you can’t fail to see the imposing ‘Cerro Ancón’. Ancon Hill is a steep 654-foot hill which overlooks Panama City, Panama. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the area.


It was under U.S. jurisdiction as part of the Panama Canal Zone for much of the 20th Century, and therefore was never developed like most of the surrounding urbanized parts of the city. The lower slopes contained residences and the Gorgas Hospital. Higher up the hill were the residence of the Governor of the Canal Zone, and Quarry Heights, where the U.S. Southern Command was located. Quarry Heights was named for being adjacent to a large rock quarry on one side of the hill, which left a visible cliff face on one side. The hill contains an abandoned undeground bunker once manned by the U.S. Southern Command.

As much of it was undeveloped, it became a sort of “island” in an urban area, where wildlife still survived cut off from other jungle areas. It is not uncommon to see sloths, coatimundi, armadillos or deer on Ancon Hill which status is now protected. Its name is used as an acronym by Panama’s environmental group, Asociación Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (ANCON) which has its offices there.

It’s a really nice hike up the hill – best in the morning – and at just a few minutes from the Balboa Inn its a nice way to get your day started in Panama. If you don’t want to make the sweaty hike have a cab take you up and you can enjoy the views on your walk down.

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